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The Viral
Akka Nasi Lemak,
is now in SINGAPORE!

Our Nasi Lemak features aromatic coconut-infused rice with options to choose Pandan Rice which is cooked to perfection, exuding the enticing fragrance of pandan leaves. It is served with our special sambal, a symphony of spices and chillies that deliver a powerful punch. The dish is assembled completely with crispy fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, fried egg and fresh cucumber slices, harmoniously coming together with variety of dishes to create a truly satisfying meal.

More Than Just Your Normal Nasi Lemak
(Our Speciality)

More Than Just Your Normal Nasi Lemak (Our Speciality)

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Akka Nasi Lemak
More than the food, the owner is worth
the hype!

The owner started this humble nasi lemak stall and gained massive popularity after a TikTok by her customer went viral. In fact, there was a point in time when customers queued up for her food from 12am!…

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